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What makes Shanghai Foodie different from other food tours?

Our tours are designed by Shanghai natives who know the city intimately. Our local English-speaking guides will explain how Shanghainese food culture has been influenced by its tumultuous history, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about China. In between all the eating and snacking, we’ll take you deep into local neighborhoods for some quality people-watching. We promise to show you corners of the city that are off-limits to most foreigners.


Is the cost of food included in these food tours?

Of course! We hope you bring a big appetite, because we’d like to feed you as much as possible. Our tours make stops at several casual restaurants where real Shanghai locals eat. You can enjoy as much or as little food as you like.


How far in advance do we have to book the tour?

There is no strict cut-off for advance booking. Tour slots are based on availability.


How long do the tours last?

Our tours usually last around 3-4 hours. The ending times are usually accurate within 15 minutes of the posted time.


Do you cancel tours because of bad weather?

We rarely cancel our tours, as we spend most of the tour inside local restaurants. However, on rainy days, you are advised to bring weather gear as needed.


Should I book a tour if I’m a vegetarian or have certain dietary restrictions?

Vegetarians are welcome, and we can accommodate most dietary restrictions. If you notify us in advance about your food restrictions or allergies, we can make special arrangements to maximize your eating enjoyment.


How do I find the meeting point?

Detailed directions are included in our confirmation email. Please plan to show up at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour. We advise that you set out early to allow for traffic or transit delays. Carry the confirmation email with you; when you arrive at the meeting point, your tour guide will be on the lookout for you.


How much do private group tours cost?

Private tour fees are based on the type of tour and the number of guests. Please email us for details.


If we book a private tour, will you pick us up at our hotel?

Yes, we can meet you at your hotel or another meeting point of your choice. We can also arrange to meet up at a landmark in the neighborhood that we will be touring.


What is the best way to reach you?

For the fastest response, the best way to reach us is by email as we do not have operators available at all times.


If you are calling from a hotel, please tell us the hotel name, its local phone number (NOT the hotel chain reservation number), your room number and the name used to reserve the hotel room. Most hotels will not connect us to your room without at least the reservation name.


Please speak slowly and clearly, and do not call us from a noisy place. Repeat your phone number twice, especially if English is not your first language. If you need us to call you back, please let us know the latest you’re able to take a call.


If you call us on a weekend or busy tour day, we may not be able to return your call until the next business day. If you are using a temporary phone in China, please be sure to activate your voice mail.


Please note: We strive to return calls promptly but often cannot reach guests due to incomplete information, wrong numbers or background noise. If you do not hear back from us, it is usually for one of those reasons. Please try again or e-mail us.

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